How It Works

1 Create an CBAT Venue Portal Account, its FREE!

2 After you have created your account, we will review your information for approval. Please allow 24 / 48 hours for your account to be approved.

3 Once your account has been approved, you can then browse threw our Categories area to find the right Poster or Flyer to help promote your event with the Chicago Boyz.

All Posters and Flyers are pre-designed. All you need to do is Download, then Print, and Fill-Out the areas within the Poster or Flyer with a Sharpie Marker. That’s It and Your Done!

All our Posters and Flyers come in PDF and PS (Photoshop) format.
If you have Photoshop, then we recommend downloading the PS file, where you can then fill in your event information with a font. Then Re-Save your file, and Print.

Every Poster and Flyer you download has a Quarter Inch (.25″) Bleed, and the Resolution is at 300 dpi.
Depending upon where you get the Poster or Flyer printed, some printing places require the art work to have a bleed, to where then the Poster or Flyer is cut down to size.

For more information about our Venue Portal or anything else you may have, please contact us.